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Ingeborg Brunt is an director of photography/ director for almost 27 years for the Dutch National Television with a passion for social storytelling. Every story, creative proces starts with the heart.

In 2006 Ingeborg Brunt Media started as a creative director/ producer in impact storytelling documentaires, en transmedia projects. Community focused, with emphasis on social change and growth. 

After the documentary 'Our Voice, our Strength' 2017, stories of child abuse, she establish the foundation Team Kim.

She started Studio Asterweg in Amsterdam with presenter Bart Meijer in 2013.


2020 Cinekid Kinderkast Audience price for Chrildrenprogram 'De Buitendienst' Corona 

2014 Cinekid Kinderkast Audience price for Childrenprogram ‘Zapp Music Challenge’ seizoen 2013

2013 Cinekid Gouden Kinderkast en Kinderkast audience price for the  Dutch national television children-program het Klokhuis series ‘Child abuse’

2010 Cinekid Kinderkast Audience price Dutch children-program  'Het Klokhuis'  series What is Cancer?’

2009 Cinekid Gouden Kinderkast  de episode ‘Wake Diving’, Dutch children program 'Het Klokhuis', NTR.

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